We love babywearing around here. But my wraps aren’t just good for strappin’ a baby to your back. They also make hilariously fun hammocks to rock in when you’re having a rough and grumpy morning.






But the best snuggles happen in the wrap! Effie is a busy little guppy and consequently, very difficult to hold because she is a non-stop motion kinda kid. But when you wrap her, ah, bliss- she calms down, and just lays against you. It’s wonderful! It’s the only way she’ll really snuggle with me at all. Convenience and comfort, all in one. She does like to pull hair though, so you gotta watch out for that. (Ouch!)

(Wrap pictured above is a Girasol Light Rainbow Diamond Weave, size six)

*Please do not use these hammocks without direct parental supervision!*


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