Make-Your-Own-Moby Wrap

I made myself a Moby Wrap! Sam and I both like it. Sam falls asleep pretty much instantly when I put him in there, and I get my hands free which means more knitting time for me! I was so stoked to find the exact color I was looking for in the fabric store.

He’s totally conked out in there, and so I pulled up the cover over his head so the bright kitchen lights wouldn’t wake him up. (Just a note, due to some comments- I don’t wear him this way, with his head covered. His face is always visible to mine, I just pulled it close so the lights wouldn’t wake him up, safety first!)

If you’re interested in making your own wrap, basically it’s just a really big rectangle. I bought 5 yards of a jersey knit fabric and cut it down the middle. It needs to be at least 20 to 25 inches wide, but mine is about 30, and that works just fine. I think I might taper the edges like a real Moby Wrap, but I haven’t yet and it still works great, but the knot is a bit bulky. You can also use a serger and make the edges look really nice, but I am lazy and so I just cut it and left it. I think we’re going to get a lot of use out of this wrap!


4 thoughts on “Make-Your-Own-Moby Wrap

  1. That’s great! Is it a split pea color? I got mine for $10, never used, at Target. someone bought it online and returned it to the store apparently they thought brown wouldn’t sell in the store. It sure did!! So it technically didn’t cost me anything, Caleb received a giftcard. πŸ™‚

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