One Month

Whoa. Today Sam is one month old! I can barely believe it.

A whole month! That’s 1/12th of a YEAR! What?! I’m just amazed at how fast time is going by. It’s like warp speed compared to how slowly time passed while I was pregnant.

Sam and I are both doing great. He’s gaining weight like a champ, currently weighing in at 8lbs and 9 ounces. (I mean, just look at those cheeks hanging off of his face! And that double chin!) The postpartum recovery was honesty quite a bit easier than I thought it was going to be… I think it was just such a relief for my back to finally NOT be pregnant anymore that maybe I didn’t notice other pains as much? Or maybe it was just having my mom and sister around to help out and I pretty much just got to sit around? Or maybe it was because the wonderful ladies of our church brought us meals so we didn’t even have to cook for like 2 whole weeks? It sure wasn’t because I had an easy labor and delivery… I wish that was the case! (Lots of back labor and pushing took forever) But hey, I avoided a c-section, which was awesome. I don’t think the doctor expected me to be able to deliver without one, so it was a pleasant surprise for all of us. (Except now that I think about it, the doc probably would have preferred the c-section, then he wouldn’t have had to wait around so long… oh well.)

But now that we’re a month out I am thinking that I could definitely do that again. Not that I’m in a rush to get pregnant again or anything, but you know, towards the end of your pregnancy you start thinking that you’re going to be pregnant forever, and that this child certainly won’t have any siblings because, sheesh, who would ever do this to themselves again and again and again?! And then you have the baby and they’re all cute and little and then it’s that realization of “Ohhh! THAT’S why they do this again and again!”

So, at one month he’s already smiled (A real smile, not a gas smile, I swear!), he’s already rolled over (although we’re pretty sure it was a fluke, because it hasn’t happened again) and has discovered his lungs. Ohhhh man. I swear, other than when he was at the doctor getting his heel pricked I never heard him cry until he was like 3 weeks old. He would just quietly whimper. But now, oh wow, he screeches like a littleย pterodactyl! He still rarely cries, but now when he’s mad (or I am suctioning out his nose…) he will definitely let you know that he’s unhappy. Lucky for me he doesn’t do it when he’s hungry or needs a diaper change, those are still little whimpers. And as far as we’re concerned he’s pretty much the cutest baby that’s ever lived, but I’m sure all parents pretty much feel that way about their babies, right?


5 thoughts on “One Month

  1. They call it maternal amnesia. I’m finding it’s taking a little longer to kick in after the second one :).

  2. Too true Darcee. Having an 18 month old is a good enough cure for me right now! I wish they just stayed in the newborn stage forever…so much easier. Glad you’re enjoying your little man, Ali. Now bring him this way so we can all meet him!

  3. Wow, you have a good-looking kid. And you look great. That could be added motivation to have more. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Much as I love my babies, they don’t necessarily have that effect on me…)

  4. The pants he is wearing were my very favorite of Ezra’s when he was that small. Best church pants, and they went with everything he had! I love that nugget, can’t wait for you guys to be here already.

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