36 Weeks

So I made it to the “safe zone”, as my doctor put it. Something magical happens at the 36 week mark where they decide that if you go into labor from here on out they’re not stopping it.

Something happened in my brain, too. Once I hit that magical “36 week mark” and I took my very last dose of Nifedipine there was this switch that went off in my head that was like “Ok- it’s go time!” even though it could very well be 4 more weeks until this baby comes for some reason I just all of the sudden got ridiculously impatient for him to arrive. Every little twinge, Braxton Hicks contraction, weird symptom has got me running to Google to find out if it’s a sign of labor. I should be banned from my computer for these last few weeks, seriously. But at least I am not on bed rest anymore, so I can at least feel like I can be productive and get things done while I am waiting on this little dude to arrive. Although, with all of that sitting around I did for the last few weeks I DID get a lot of knitting done, and that’s always good.

And now we play the waiting game. Since I stopped taking the medication (this is day two of no labor-stopping meds) will he decide to join us soon? Or since we went through all that work to stop labor early is he content to just sit around until 40 weeks? (Or 41, or 42?!) Β I don’t wanna force him out early, but just so you know Togglebuttons, we’re all ready for you! We’ve got everything set up and ready to go. We’ve got the crib set up, we’ve got the car seat ready, we’ve got the hospital bag packed. But now that I’ve got everything all ready to go I just feel like I am sitting around waiting. Just… waiting. I know, everyone has said that the last month is the worst, getting impatient and just wanting to hold your baby already. I’m only two days into my ‘last month’ and I’m already getting stir crazy. Not to mention it’s just too darn hot to do anything outside, and I end up just sitting on the couch in front of the fan all day.

So, whenever you’re ready, baby, we are ready for you.


4 thoughts on “36 Weeks

  1. Aww, this makes me so sad. I’m infinitely grateful that I just told myself “May 6th” instead of “April 29th,” so that I didn’t go stir crazy. I wish you could go back and trick your brain too. But I also didn’t have any false starts.

    Yay for lots of knitting!

  2. Well, I’m glad you are in the magical safe zone! Isn’t it funny how these final days of waiting (for anything: trips, weddings, babies, etc.) seem to take forever but when you’re on the other side and look back you realize it actually wasn’t that bad. Enjoy these days while you have them! He’ll be here soon enough, dear friend. I can’t wait!

  3. Glad you are in the safety zone!! But it would be cool if he was born on my birhthday -then his would be 9 -10 – 11 -what a neat day

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