Fishy Fishy

I made another fish this weekend! He was a belated birthday present for our niece Arielle.

And these pictures that Paul took of it are cracking me up. I would have never thought to take pictures of it on top of a bowl of apricots.

He’s much more creative with the photo shoots than I am. I’m pretty sure I should just have him take the pictures from now on.

And today I am going cherry-picking with some friends. I am hoping that the exercise will bring Togglebuttons out… SO happy not to be on bedrest anymore. That was getting mighty boring! But I DID get a lot of knitting done, so it wasn’t ALL bad!


One thought on “Fishy Fishy

  1. Cute fishy!

    My midwife made me crawl stairs on my hands and knees. It got super hard (after like two trips up – pathetic) to lift my knees up around my belly, but I definitely think it was helpful… Maybe that’d get Togglebuttons out faster?

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