Penguin II

So, I loved that little purple penguin so much that I decided that Togglebuttons needed his own penguin.

Little Penguin waves “hello!”

And now he’s joined the rest of the little zoo!

Also, while cleaning out the spare bedroom and making room for all of the baby stuff, I found that little blue and white bunny that I made a year and a half ago. He’s not my favorite, but hey, it’s another critter to add to the menagerie.

So, any ideas of what animals I should make next? I’ve got to keep myself busy until I am off bedrest, so I don’t go absolutely crazy. So, any suggestions would be appreciated! I know Autumn already suggested a green elephant (to match the bedding!) so I may start on that. But I’d love to hear what you guys think!


12 thoughts on “Penguin II

  1. I’m not seeing any sea life in this little collection, and I know you’ve got some fun patterns for those. So a cuddly fishy or two is my vote!

  2. Before I read your comments, I was wondering how a giraffe would work, ‘cuz of the spots. But his long neck would be so cute!

    I’m also partial to llamas.

    But I really do want that green elephant.

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