Little Purple Penguin

I made this little Purple Penguin for a custom order. Isn’t he cute?

He’s on his way to Portland as we speak.

I liked him so much that I cast one on today for Togglebuttons! Although, his will just be a black and white one.

Also, can I show you guys something kind of disturbing? It’s not too gross, don’t worry. This is a picture of my feet today.

Sausage feet! They look sunburned! They’re so swollen that they’re turning pink! Pretty gross, huh? I swear I didn’t adjust the color or anything, that’s how red my feet are! It’s soo hot outside right now, and that sure isn’t helping with the swelling! Plus, the medication they put me on to stop contractions is also a blood pressure lowering medication… well, that’s contributing to the problem. BUT, in good news, I went to the doctor yesterday and everything is looking great. He’s head-down, I’m not having any contractions thanks to the medication I’m on, but he said I should stop taking the medication this weekend, and then if I go into labor then they are just going to let me have this baby! I am trying not to get too excited about the fact that I might be having this baby as soon as next week, otherwise if I don’t end up having him next week I don’t want to be disappointed. But things are looking good, and he’s still measuring big. They approximate him to be around six pounds, but who knows how accurate that is. But everything is looking good!


5 thoughts on “Little Purple Penguin

  1. Lay down with your head and feet each propped on a couple pillows – they had me do that with Reb and I lost 5 pounds of water weight in 1 day!! Feet will feel so much better. They say gravity will head the extra water weight to your bladder and it really works!

  2. He’s cute! But your poor legs are so sad. I like how on Facebook your blog post is advertised as “Little Purple Penguin” but shows the photo of your legs. Hee hee.

  3. Ahhh! He is so cute! I am pretty sure he is my favorite so far. Although, I seriously love the Angel Fish, too.

  4. That’s an adorable penguin, and I like all the other animals you’ve made too. Your feet look like mine right before Daniel was born (17 years ago!) Try to stay cool if possible and put your feet up. And yay! You’re almost there!

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