Cherry Picking

So yesterday we went cherry picking. I think I was a little over-zealous with my cherry picking, because now I have 10 pounds of cherries and I’m not entirely that I want to pit 10 pounds of cherries. Yeah.

And so they’re just sitting on my kitchen table. Giving me the stink-eye. Begging me to do something with them.

The good thing about all of this cherry picking was that it gave me a nice little workout yesterday (a lot of stretching and reaching, and also I think driving over crazy-bumpy roads helped too) because when I went to the doctor this morning she said that this little man is locked and ready to go.

And that I’ve gained 3/10ths of a pound!  Ok, so maybe this is a total TMI, but he’s definitely dropped and when she did my exam today she said she could feel his head wayyy down low in my pelvis (which makes my waddle-walk that much more hilarious, because it feels like I’ve got a bowling ball between my legs) and I’m dilating  (um, yay!) and things are looking good to have this baby pretty soon. She thinks it’ll be in the next two weeks. So let’s hope she’s right.


6 thoughts on “Cherry Picking

  1. Ali, I think I set my cherries to dry in the very same set of pans! How funny! And I’m glad to hear that things are progressing!

  2. Hey. I’m gonna do a post about cherries TOO!

    And hurray that Baby might make an appearance in the next couple of weeks. *fingers crossed*

  3. I am waiting anxiously for a post from Paul announcing the arrival of little Togglebuttons. It feels as if you have been pregnant forever to me so I can imagine how YOU must be feeling. When it happens I wish a very speedy labour and quick delivery for you. Holding thumbs!!!

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