Memorial Day Fun

Paul and I went on a hike on Memorial Day, because it was surprisingly nice out! (It was supposed to be yucky out, so that was a pleasant surprise!)

We went to the old University of Idaho Arboretum, which was in FULL bloom!

I was a bit unprepared for how hard hiking is when you’re in your last trimester, though.

So we spent a lot of time resting on logs and taking a breather.

We did get plenty of bug bites during the walk though… I always forget about the bugs…

But even with the bugs, it was still really pretty. I definitely recommend that all you Moscowvites should go check out the old UI Arboretum. If I could hike it while big and pregnant, (and in flipflops, nonetheless) well then you can do it to.

But we had a great time. And then we went out for my belated Birthday lunch, since we were out of town for my actual birthday.

The waitress brought out this ginormous piece of cake as a surprise. Seriously, between Paul and I we only ate about 1/3 of it. It was a very, very large cake.

And then we took a little walk through the Lawson Gardens in Pullman and there were so many tulips in bloom!

Are you tired of looking at flower pictures yet? Well, too bad, I’ve got a few more.

Ok, we’re almost done.

Ok, nearly done.

Alright, I’m done with the flowers. For now.

Did you do anything exciting for Memorial Day?


5 thoughts on “Memorial Day Fun

  1. Weee got lots of yard work done, and then the laundry shoot torn out, and the rest of the fence built, the gate wheel replaced, the basement cleared out, laundry washed folded and put away, and then we hit up the Whaley’s for a BBQ. We crashed into bed…and then I got terrible wake me up in the middle of the night and throw up heart burn. Too many spicy mustard polish dogs. 😦

  2. These are beautiful pictures. I have never thought of Idaho having such green luciousness! I guess because I have mostly been in the southern part.
    My husband and I for the first time drove all over Northern Utah and visited lots of graves. We really enjoyed the day together.
    Thanks for a great blog!

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