DPP: Day 23

December Photo Project: Day 3

Ladies and Gents, we’ve have a fatality in the Tong household. While carrying in some heavy bags (filled with plates, incidentally) I managed to swing one of the bags right into the manger scene. Um, sorry Joseph and random Wise man, you’ve been beheaded. AND! I can’t find any super glue in this house. So, most likely I will put them back in the box and forget about it until next Christmas when I break out the boxes… and maybe by next Christmas I’ll have found the superglue.

One thought on “DPP: Day 23

  1. BAhaa! Okay, so maybe this will be a good excuse to get a new one?! I saw at Walgreens the other day that they have a whole set minus a black faced wiseman for like $10 bucks….it’s like ours, not super fancy, but hey…it spells out the scene. Also I’m guessing you could prolly get it super cheap after Christmas. Just a thought.

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