DPP: Day 22

December Photo Project: Day 22

My lame attempt at a gingerbread house. Bess’ was much better than mine. She built a castle, a CASTLE, people! With turrets and whatever those spiky things on the top of the castle are called! Seriously! (also, you should click on her name, it will take you to her blog where she tells a funny story about slipping on the ice while carrying 5 dozen eggs!) Anyhow, it was a cool house (yeah right) and then the roof collapsed, so I am made it into a shack, with a busted, crooked front door. A shack where the little blue gummy bear lives. (By the way, have you ever tasted a blue gummy bear? I hadn’t. But they’re kind of gross, and they taste like black licorice, of which I am not a fan. ) But hey, at least he’s got his chocolate rock walk-way in front of his house, so there’s not much to complain about, cuz those things are tasty.


One thought on “DPP: Day 22

  1. Wow Ali, thanks for the rave. 😀 Now if only I could knit as well as I could build castles. And fyi, the spikey things are battlements. And I think I mentioned wanting to build a portcullis. I know these words because I have three brothers and liked to build with legos when I was a kid. Oh, and Merry Christmas!

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