Twisty Scarf Voting!

Ok, so I finished my twisty scarf, and now I will let you guys vote on which one you guys like best. I just can’t decide!

I’ll also be sharing the pattern later this week.

There was a nice bit of snow coming down while Paul was taking these pictures

And what I really like about this scarf? No blocking required! Which is good, because I finished it late last night and it’s going to its new owner this afternoon!

Ok! So now I need you to vote on the name you like best!
A) Twist and Shout
B) Diagon Alley
C) Tree Trunk
D) Cable Crossing
E) Licorice Twist
F) Twizzler
G) Hagrid’s Beard

OK! So leave me a comment and let me know (All of the names above are ones that were suggest to me in the comments when I first posted a picture of this pattern) And whoever had the winning name will get a little present. (That is unless it’s my name that is drawn picked, then I’ll send it to the runner up!)

9 thoughts on “Twisty Scarf Voting!

  1. I liked “licorice twist” first, but then when I saw your mother’s suggestion of Diagon Ali, I really liked that one. Go Mom!

  2. Well, the ladies at work say, Twizzler and Cable Crossing.
    I’m a pretty big fan of Diangon Ali though…really I mean, you can’t get much more perfect.

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