More Ice?

We got back to Moscow and the ice and snow had only gotten worse while we were gone. I’m pretty much homebound since my car isn’t exactly snow-worthy.

Today I walked downtown to go to run a few errands, ended up slipping and falling flat on my back, spilling my coffee as I did so. Lovely, really. To my amazement no one even saw me fall, so at least it wasn’t horribly embarrassing.

So that icicle above is about 14 feet long. It’s a really, really long icicle. I am sort of afraid it’s going to fall and kill someone. (I am staying far away from that one)

And the forecast is predicting snow all week. (Do you like my awesome hat? I stole it from my husband!)

Tonight (after unpacking… maybe) I will begin the Christmas decorations! I am so excited about Christmas decorations… I wanted to put them up before we left for Texas, but that was vetoed.

So, cheers to being homebound. I’ve got some more knitting to do anyway…..

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