The Hair.

I’ve always been known for my hair. It’s just one of those things, pretty much my whole life I’ve been that girl with the crazy long hair. And that’s been fine with me, up til recently. I still look 17. Even though the braces came off, it didn’t help that I wore my hair in pigtail braids to work.

(R: Talitha, L: Me)

(Really ridiculous hair)

(Me, ringlets, Christa Blakey)

So, I marched in and asked for a “mature” haircut.


(Mature haircut)

So, those of you who know me will know that this is kind of a big deal for me to have such short hair!

So, do I look older?


9 thoughts on “The Hair.

  1. Love it! When Heidi told me you cut it, I freaked a bit. Heidi says it is Martha Stewart. That is a compliment, even if she is old, she has great hair.

  2. Big difference!!
    You do look much more mature with the new hair!
    Are you going to miss the long?
    I really wish I had long hair that was healthy (looking at least) as yours! WOW!

  3. Beautiful…I completely understand that hair seperation anxiety. I too always had long hair (not quite like yours) but I cut it and love that I now look like an adult – and I plan to go shorter, maybe like yours at Chrstmas. Way to go…

  4. Oh…wow! This is an Ali I’ve never seen before!! Its absolutely adorable and suits you so well! And yes you did gain a few years. No matter what length you have beautiful hair!

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