Tea Dye

So I tried a strange experiment the other day while knitting up my Ewok. I needed some off-white yarn, but all I had was pure white. So, I threw my yarn in a pot and brewed it with some tea.

I know it looks like pasta, but it would not be an enjoyable dinner.

I probably should have left it in there for just a little longer, it could have used a bit more color, but it accomplished the job just fine.

Oh, and please don’t mind the dirty kitchen….


5 thoughts on “Tea Dye

  1. Ali that is so creative! Your ingenuity blows my mind!! I’m actually super excited to see your Ewok creation.

  2. You’re so creative. We’ve used tea dye on everything. Previously white shirts that are grungy, curtains, etc., etc. It works wonders.

    I like too how it looks like pasta.

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