Testing, testing, 123.

Ok. So this might seem a little random, but I was wondering if any of you out there would be willing to test knit some patterns for me. You know, just to see if there’s any glaring mistakes and things like that. Since I made them up, I might not explain them very well, things like that. I’d be willing to give you the yarn to work with, if you didn’t want to use up any of your stash of yarn.

Patterns needing testing currently are of my Elephant, Turtle and the Ewok.

It wouldn’t be a big deal if you couldn’t finish them, but if there was anyone out there who wanted to give it a try, that would be super helpful for me! You can either just leave a comment here, letting me know which pattern you’d like to try, or email me at lexikaye (@) gmail (.) com and I can send you the pattern.


5 thoughts on “Testing, testing, 123.

  1. I would so love to do that – then I could be a cool aunt like you and make my nephew (yeah!!) some to play with. Of course, I do not have the ability that you do. Maybe after Kjerste and I get my hat finished (oh yeah, and started!) then I will be a pro – and I can try your patterns!!

  2. When/if I get back into the groove of actually knitting again I will help. If only I had a Nanny who could cuddle my son in the evenings so I could knit a little. Though I think I would honestly clean more if I had a Nanny and not knit.

  3. I actually test knitted your turtle already and would love to either do it again and give feedback.

    I’d also love to give the ewok a go!!! Love me some ewoks!! Please help me help you!

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