It still feels like Monday.

Aren’t they cute? My darling husband got them for my for Valentine’s Day. And brown and pink! What more could a girl ask for?

Want a sneak peek at what I am making for Ez-pez?

It’s a really fun yarn to work with. Once you go wool, you never go back.

Time for dinner- beef stroganoff tonight. Planning a giveaway this week, so keep your eyes peeled. (gross.)

Happy Tuesday.


3 thoughts on “It still feels like Monday.

  1. LOVE that brown, I’m planning on making Ezra a green hat, because he just needs more in his life than blue. Also the other day he stuck the ends of his blue hat down his throat then promptly choked and threw up all over himself. (and his carseat) SO no tails for the new one…
    I’m certain whatever it is it’ll look great with the green hat.

  2. Al, I’m so jealous. I wish I loved knitting like you. But alas, I am realizing I simply don’t have the disposition for it. 😦
    I miss you lots. You need to come and visit again. So that I can get my Ali fix.

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