I love this!

I love seeing people wearing my knitted clothing! I shamelessly stole this picture from Kjerste, but I loved it!
Erika is wearing the Shalom sweater I made her, and Ez is wearing a hat I originally made for Wesley, but he outgrew it. Looks pretty cute on Ez, too!


5 thoughts on “I love this!

  1. Hannah, actually its a patterned yarn that when you knit it up makes a pattern! It’s a sock weight yarn, so it’s pretty thin, but I got it at JoAnn’s

  2. We missed you Saturday. We’ll have to think up something spectacularly knitty to do when you’re next in town. Perhaps a tour of all 6 yarn shops in the Seattle city limits?!


  3. Oh val that would be pretty awesome. I’m coming in Friday night and have no plans for Saturday, so we should knit something up! Which is the 6th of March. We could also make it into a trip for Erika’s birthday, which is on that next Tuesday?

  4. hmmm…. couples retreat. I think we’re all going this year, too. I guess it would depend on what time we all could get home. At least we could all get together and knit that night. I’m sure the hubs would love an excuse to head out to the porch to smoke with the guys. πŸ™‚

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