Christmas Feasting

Guess what I got for Christmas!

A Martha Stewart Cast Iron Enamel Casserole dish! In RED! Does my husband know me or what!

And seeing as how I decided to do Christmas dinner for everyone, I got to put it to work that very morning, cooking a delicious roast

Hmm Dinner. Although I forgot to put the stuffing out. Yeesh. (Oh well, more for left overs!!)

Also, one of Paul’s stepmother’s friends made us a quilt! I think technically it was a wedding gift, but we just recieved it yesterday, take a look, it’s amazing. I can’t keep staring at it.

Is that gorgeous or WHAT! I love it!


5 thoughts on “Christmas Feasting

  1. Wow, It’s like she knew you! Love the colors and border. It looks so retro! Very similar to the one my mom started when she was 15 or so…colors, not the pattern.

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