Happy New Year

Happy 2010, everyone! We had a fun evening bringing in the new year, complete with games, champagne and karaoke. What did everyone else do? Last year I fell asleep long before midnight rolled around, so I was proud of myself for staying up late enough to ring in the new year with a rousing round of Auld Lang Syne (Outside, in the snow).

I’ve got some exciting projects lined up for the new year, but until my yarn gets here for my new sweater I’ve been busying myself with some of the patterns in the books I got for Christmas. The first one I wanted to try was this scarf pattern:

It’s out of this book called Vintage Knits for the Modern Knitter that Paul’s sisters got me for Christmas! Most of the patterns in it are either cardigans, sweaters or things like that, so I may need to stock up when I go to Tacoma next week! Anyone up for a trip out to Lamb’s Ear? (even though their sale will be over. Sad)

Anyhow, Happy New Years! I’ve got great plans for this next year. It’s gunna be good. I can tell.


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