Make this your New Years Resolution

So, about every few weeks someone comments on my blog saying “Oh, maybe I should learn to knit” or “I wish I knew how to knit” Well, I am here to tell you that there is NO better time than NOW! It’s winter (It’s way more fun to knit when it’s cold out. Plus, what else is there to do in January and February (usually the most boring months of the year. At least MY year anyhow, besides Charissa’s birthday, naturally). So, for reals, make it your new years resolution. In no time you can be making stuff like this:

If you had told me 3 years ago that I would have just knitted an entire sweater (and actually loved it and thought it looked good) I would have probably laughed in your face. Truth is, knitting is NOT hard and doesn’t take alot of coordination. Seriously, if I can do it, then you can do it. We all know that I am not coordinated or especially talented.

So here are some tips to get you started!

1. The first thing you want to do is go to the craft store. When first starting out, don’t buy super expensive yarns, most likely you’ll want to re-do it, anyhow, so something from Joann’s or Michael’s will work fine. I am a big fan of chunky yarns, to start out with, pick a fun color and get a few skeins. Also on your list will be a set of size 6 knitting needles. Those are the ones that I use on the most frequent basis.

2. Step two: Join Ravelry. Thousands and thousands of patterns, no joke, alot of them FREE. It’s also a great way to showcase what you’ve made! Seriously, Ravelry should be a requirement for those who knit. It’s an absolute lifesaver.

3. Join a knitting group. I know several churches that have knitting groups, and if you don’t have one then start one! Nothing gets you going like being able to knit with a few friends.

4. Ask your grandma/great aunt/niece/sister/mother-in-law, whoever! Chances are, you know several people who can knit. Probably people who would be way more than willing to sit down with a cup of coffee and teach you the basic steps.

5. Youtube: This has been the single most valuable tool teaching me to knit. I am a visual learner and it helps so much to be able to find a video that can show you exactly how the steps are done. Youtube literally was the one that taught me how to knit, and I’ve learned almost everything I know about knitting from the internet.

6. Find inspiration: I look at craft blogs ALL. THE. TIME. Just ask my husband! There are really good sites like The Purl Bee and others who regularly post free patterns and provide lots of inspiration when I don’t know what to make next.

So, there you have it. All the steps you need to start knitting today. Tonight, even. Start out easy, make a few scarves, dish rags, there’s alot of easy things you can make right away, just learning one basic stitch. Then learn to purl and a whole new knitting world is opened up!

I may do some tutorials on here in the near future, so be on the lookout! Also, another giveaway coming soon!


6 thoughts on “Make this your New Years Resolution

  1. Ok, Ali, I have picked up my needles and yarn oh so many times (over a few years actually), and have yet to complete anyting! I am actually at it again, trying to learn. I ordered a book last week, that may help, or at least give a little motivation. We shall see. Another site I have found helpful is,, thanks to Kjerste’s recomendation. So, thank you for the encouragement to keep going! Maybe someday I wll be as great as you, well, who am I kidding.

  2. Oh, go buy some nice yarn! If you make a small investment at the beginning, you might be more likely to see that first project through. And learning to knit with good yarn is so much more pleasant! Let the addiction to real, organic fibers in all their uniqueness and many amazing textures begin early!

  3. Grace, I didn’t have a pattern, I just drew a grid out on some graph paper and followed that. You can make all kinds of stuff with graph paper!

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