Cross Stitch

No new projects of my own to show you today, so I thought I might share a few amazing things I’ve been seeing around the internet lately.

Cross stitched eggs! Yes, you read that right!

(photo via Sublime Stitches)

I wonder how they did that? Aren’t they amazing? So beautiful and fragile!

And check out these embroidered Classic book covers:

(Photos and artwork by Jilliam Tamaki, via CupofJo)

Aren’t they beautiful, too? I think The Secret Garden one might just be my favorite.


Well, that’s all I have got for you guys today. Hope you have a great weekend and a happy April Fools Day! I’m off to work for the rest of the afternoon/evening, but I might be back later this weekend to show you some finished projects!

Safety Eyes

So, since most of my knits end up in the hands of small children I’ve always just embroidered eyes on. For some reason I never really took the time to look into “safety eyes”. But, they honestly look so much better! So, as my buyers, I’d like YOU to tell me what you think. Apparently they are super safe, they are extremely hard to get off (Apparently you need pliers to get them off) would you want them on your knit little animals? Or! Would you prefer just to have the embroidered eyes?

Embroidered eyes:


Safety eyes:

So, ya’ll should just vote in the comments section and tell me what you think.

I will be back this evening with a real post!


I bought some embroidery thread today.

I started working on it this evening after band practice, while watching the new episode The Office.

So don’t laugh, it’s my first try…

Maybe I should have watched some kind of tutorial or something. Or read some directions. But I guess I’m just a learn-as-you-go kind of girl. So we’ll see how it turns out.