Safety Eyes

So, since most of my knits end up in the hands of small children I’ve always just embroidered eyes on. For some reason I never really took the time to look into “safety eyes”. But, they honestly look so much better! So, as my buyers, I’d like YOU to tell me what you think. Apparently they are super safe, they are extremely hard to get off (Apparently you need pliers to get them off) would you want them on your knit little animals? Or! Would you prefer just to have the embroidered eyes?

Embroidered eyes:


Safety eyes:

So, ya’ll should just vote in the comments section and tell me what you think.

I will be back this evening with a real post!


8 thoughts on “Safety Eyes

  1. Love them! It makes them seem so real….in a textiles sort of way. Also, I’m guessing you have a Thanksgiving Cactus. They like to spend some time in the dark every year. Helps fake ’em into thinking it is Spring when they come out.

  2. I actually prefer the embroidery eyes – so much more home-madey (I made that up!!)

    KayLynn had a doll with those safety eyes on it, and they didn’t come off – but one did shatter!!

  3. hmmm tough call. They are both cute. I think what I like about the safety eyes is that they reflect the light and thus making them seem like they have a little more life in them.

  4. I like the real look of the safety eyes. Super cute, AND you don’t have to worry about making each eye match in shape and size…so they don’t look all crazy eyed. I like safety eyes, but they are right the embroidery looks more home made.

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