Cabled Gwen Stacy Slouch

I had been commissioned to make a hat similar to the one Gwen Stacey wears in the newest Spiderman Movie. I absolutely love challenges like these. And I have fun learning new patterns along the way, things I never would have thought to make myself.




It’s got a good amount of slouch to it, but still fits nice and snug around the head, which I find can be a hard balance. If they’re too slouchy they often end up slouching right off the back of my head- but all in all pretty pleased with this hat!



5 thoughts on “Cabled Gwen Stacy Slouch

  1. Pls tell me how to decrease the gray slouchy hat. I’ did the pattern n a berry color And love the results. Ready to start decreasing n iinstrux r no longer posted~Linda

  2. Sorry Linda- the pattern had a few issues with it, so I had to take it down until I fix it. Can you tell me how many stitches you have on your needles right now?

  3. TY! All is well. Found my saved PDF & finished the hat. Wow this was a great project have started the next grey garden slouchy hat and casting on to try this Cabled Gwen. Keep knitting ~Linda

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