Sorry for the blog absence, I’ve been very, very busy. Working on a few big projects, the biggest of all won’t be complete until April! That’s right, I’m knitting together another baby!Β We are thrilled for Sam to be a big brother.









Today we took Sam to the county fair. It’s pretty small compared to the fair I am used to going to (Do the Puyallup!) but Sam had a great time seeing the train exhibit (He is obsessed with trains!) and the poultry. He definitely was not a fan of the donkeys, but he did like the goats. It was pretty hot outside, so we didn’t last too long, but glad he got to enjoy a little bit of the fair.

Most of my time these days is knitting a lot of sock monkey costumes for Halloween. I’ve sold quite a few for this Halloween season (Sold out, actually!) Those should take up the next couple of weeks, and then getting started on Christmas orders already!

I’m also making a few changes to the way I do custom orders here at Knittybutton and will exclusively be doing online orders through Etsy. I will still be doing custom listings still, and you can still email me or message me to request custom orders, but instead of mailing checks or invoicing you, I will create a custom listing on Etsy for you to purchase. It will help streamline the whole process.

That said, I am already getting Christmas orders, so if you have something you would like to order, please let me know as soon as possible, so I can make sure to get it done before Christmas.


8 thoughts on “(mater)Knittybutton

  1. Congratulations on your exciting news! ………. and another congratulations for Sam, as he begins his journey to ‘big-brotherhood!’

  2. Yay!!!! Congratulations!!!!! So happy for you :). Sam will make a great big brother! Glad that you have a little time to blog again because I missed reading your posts.

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