Whoa. 40 Weeks of Belly.

I realized I never showed you guys the last of my maternity pictures! These shots were taken the day before Sam arrived!

I can’t believe how huge I was! I mean, it wasn’t that long ago, but it’s still very strange to look back and see pictures of a huge belly now that it’s (mostly) gone!

It is so very nice to have my body back, though. Well, nursing really means that I’ve still got someone attached to me a good portion of the day, but I don’t mind too much. He’s cute and makes funny faces and that’s enough to make me glad that he’s on the outside now. So VERY glad he is on the outside now.
Speaking of funny faces, this is a hilarious one that Paul captured the other day.

Man, this kid makes me laugh.

Stay tuned for some sneak-peeks of Sam’s Halloween outfit! It’s almost completed! I’m so excited about it! And be sure to check in tomorrow for your weekly “You Knit What?!”


3 thoughts on “Whoa. 40 Weeks of Belly.

  1. You didn’t even look ready to have him, I know your back was giving you trouble to put it mildly, usually you are supposed to look so awful everyone at church aww’s you and prays you go into labor ASAP. You still looked great. Yeah, he’ll be attached to you for a while. πŸ™‚

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