Bath Time

So, I don’t really have any finished crafty things to show you just yet, although I am working on several projects! It just goes a lot slower when you’ve got tiny little cheeks to kiss and snuggle all day! But at least by blogging pictures of the baby I am making SOME people happy (Yep, that’s you, mom and Erika!) So, without further ado: Bath time!

He really enjoys bathtime. He calms right down if we put him in the water.

I was so glad when his cord fell off so we could give him real baths! He did NOT enjoy his sponge baths, but to be honest those don’t sound so much fun (brr!)

(um, please excuse the “new mom” hairstyle and makeup. Ha! But in my defense it was only noon and I just hadn’t gotten ready yet)

And Sam keeps falling asleep in the most hilarious positions! Last night he was asleep like this for a good hour.

And then a little while later he sunk down into this comfortable position (And no, I didn’t pose him this way! It was all him!)

But now I gotta run some errands and drop off lunch with my baby daddy. And I swear I’ll try to come up with some crafty posts soon, but until then, you’re just gonna be stuck with more baby pictures. (How sad for you!)


2 thoughts on “Bath Time

  1. Ali please don’t stop the Sam pictures. I just LOVE to see pictures of your little guy. Really enjoyed the pic of the new daddy with his son too. If you stop posting pics of Sam you will have to start a Sam blog!

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