Busy Weekend!

We had a busy weekend! We hung out with Paul’s family and got some great family pictures!

Paul, Sam I, Sam III and Sam II.

Samuel I, II and III

Grandpa Sam and Baby Sam.

And had a birthday dinner for Auntie Carrie! (Sam’s face in this picture cracks me up!)

Sam and his grandparents! (Who so kindly watched Sam for a few hours so we could hit up the fair!)

Hanging out with Great Grandma Carol.

Big yawn!

And Paul and I got to hit up the fair since there were so many willing hands to hold the baby! We didn’t stay long, but just enough to get an elephant ear, ride the Ferris Wheel and play a few silly games.

I was a little worried about being away from the baby for the first time, but he did great and it was nice to have a little date with the husband.

And now I’ve got to go give my baby a bath because he just spit up all over himself. Yum.


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