My Hands are Full.

So, it’s been so weird. I haven’t knitted anything since the day before Sam was born. This is the longest I’ve gone without knitting something probably since I started knitting in 2005. Except for maybe my trip to Europe, but even then I had brought a project to work on during the plane trips. My fingers are getting a little bit itchy and I need to cast on a new project.

Oh, and I was going to show you the money shot my sister captured while she was here. Seriously, I am like dying over this photograph of my beautiful (um.. handsome?) son.

Sheesh. Totally head over heels in love with that chubby face. And that picture was taken on Thursday, Sept 8th, and he’s already gained weight and those cheeks are even bigger now. He’s two respectable chins now, too.

On Sunday we went to church! Here he is with his dad, all dressed up!

He wasn’t thrilled about having his picture taken…

And we survived. We kept our heads above water. We’re totally in love. It’s so awesome to see how Paul interacts with the baby. He comes home, and if I am holding Sam, he’ll say “Can I hold him?” Β Hecks yes, you can! I love seeing him playing with the baby, giving him kisses and talking to him. It’s the most adorable thing I think I’ve ever seen in my life. My boys! I’ve got TWO of them to love.

And now, a parting shot. Peace.


7 thoughts on “My Hands are Full.

  1. Glad you guys are doing well, Ali. I have to agree that seeing how Jason has taken to each of my boys in the first months is so special. It’s nice to have dads that are eager to help when they can.

  2. He’s just about the cutest little guy I have ever since. His face is already SO full of personality. Wonder where he gets that from……..,…?

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