38 Weeks

So, on Sunday I hit the 38 week mark.

I’m glad that I’m working all week instead of sitting at home dwelling on the fact that I am still very much pregnant.

Baby is somewhere around the 7 pound mark, as far as they can estimate. This kid really knows how to send some mixed signals, and  over this past week has made it very clear that he’s perfectly comfortable just hanging out in-utero for a while longer.  But hey, if he wants to chill out for a few more weeks, I guess that’s ok with me. I’d prefer it if he came next week, next week looks good for me. But I’ll keep ya’ll posted.


5 thoughts on “38 Weeks

  1. Look how cute you are!! I’ll bet you’re ready to give birth, aren’t you? I remember 38 weeks, and I know I was really, really ready at that point to have the baby and hold it in my arms! I can’t wait to see you both:) Namaste, Julie

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