A Little Too Much Sun.

My sister warned me this was going to happen….

Ah, the first burn of the summer! It’s actually not too painful, which is weird, because I always burn, and it always hurts. But this one, so far, doesn’t hurt. I did rub aloe on it right when I got home an had the fan blowing on me all evening so maybe that was the trick. Don’t worry, I drank plenty of water and made sure to stay super-hydrated all day though. I didn’t want a repeat of Tuesday.

Man, being pregnant is so much fun, guys! On Tuesday I was just too dehydrated after a hot 3 day weekend, plus the last time I went to the doctor they said my iron levels were getting really low, anyhow, I was at work on Tuesday morning and all of the sudden I started to feel really nauseated and got some tunnel vision and next thing you know I woke up to my face smacking the desk. I had passed out cold. I called Paul and he came and took me to the doctors and they hooked me up to the monitor and did a non-stress test and everything looked okay, I was just not drinking enough water or getting enough iron. So I’ve been chugging water constantly and trying to remember to eat iron rich foods. And I’ll try to remember to reapply my sunscreen…


2 thoughts on “A Little Too Much Sun.

  1. Hopefully your face didn’t get the brunt! Did you get to wear your cute polka dot swimsuit? I’d love to see it! Guess I will see it here at reunion, but still!
    Glad you’re doing better…sheesh. You scared me, talking to you one minute and you smacking the desk the next was a little too overwhelming for me.

  2. Ha, my face is fine, just a few added freckles. Mostly I had my back to the sun cuz we were just sitting and talking and so I didn’t realize that i hadn’t been facing the sun much. Whoopsie!

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