Happy Birthday Yarn.

So, for my birthday my momma took me to Yellow House Yarns (the cutest little yarn store I’ve EVER seen!) and told me to pick out something I liked. Talk about pressure. Strolling through an entire room filled floor to ceiling with delicious Cascade yarns, in every color of the rainbow. Not even kidding. It was overwhelming. Erika and I pawed around at the yarns deciding what to get and after much deliberation I still didn’t know what I wanted to get, so I just eventually grabbed some colors that looked good and decided that I’ll figure out what I want to make with them when I got home. So, without further ado, here is my loot!

Some Cascade 220 in Gray.

I am thinking that with this, I will make the Baby Sophisticate (Picture below, property of Ravelry.com). Maybe. Or maybe not. I can’t decide.

And next I got some Cascade 220 Sport in Pumpkin. Delicious, no? Just perfect for my fall baby, right?

At first I was thinking all kinds of fun thoughts of knitting my son a pumpkin outfit for Halloween, but the more I thought about it I decided that was probably a silly idea and I have no idea how to knit a pumpkin costume anyway. So I think I’ll make him the Simple Hooded Cardigan which I’ve made for a few other people and really loved. (Picture property of Lion Brand Yarn)

And last but not least I got some Cascade 220 Heathers, in this beautiful soft blue. I am thinking I’ll make something for myself out of this one.

Now, what to make, what to make… I’ve got some ideas floating around in my head. See, I COULD get some more of it and make that into my Aidez sweater.. that would be gorgeous, right? Or maybe I will make this Little Ruffle scarf. I think that the Heather yarn will make for a really pretty scarf.(Photo from Ravelry.com)

But you know, my mind changes all the time and I’ll probably end up making something completely different with all of them, who knows! If you have any great project ideas for me, I’d LOVE to hear them.

Also, thanks for all of the feedback on the last post. Many of you wondered what shade of mustard I would be working with to do the Aidez sweater, and it is actually called Butternut Squash, I believe. This is the color:

What do you think? Too bright of a color, or would it work ok for the Aidez sweater?


8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Yarn.

  1. Love the Aidez sweater color and the little ruffle scarf- how fun
    Sarah just brought me a big bag of yarn one of her friends was getting rid of

  2. I made a ruffle scarf once except it was a pattern for a felted scarf so I knitted in wool and felted it at the end. I really enjoyed it because knitting the scarf long ways up was different from the norm.

  3. Yeah, I think this yellow would work for the sweater. It’s soft and pretty, not overwhelming. But I love the blue! I think I vote first for the sweater in that, and then second for a ruffle scarf.

  4. I think calling it “butternut squash” makes it a better sweater choice than “mustard.” Either way, it’s really pretty, and that sweater is amazing. I also really like the pumpkin and blue together. Maybe you’ll have to do a mother/son photo shoot with whatever you make. I do this kind of thing all the time – buy things for a project and then switch them around again and again.

  5. I agree, Alicia. Butternut Squash does sound much more appealing than “mustard”, although mustard is one of my favorite colors it does have a gross ring to it…

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