Butternut Squash Aidez

Ok, can I show you guys something? Remember a few days ago where I was showing you all of the different projects that I had going, and that I was saying how I shouldn’t start anymore, at least not until I get some other things finished? Well… I just got so excited about the Aidez sweater that I had to get started on it. I DID however, finish the vest and the Purple Lemon Curd hat, so I felt a bit more justified in casting on.

So… are you ready? I’m really excited about this.(I just cast this on on Saturday afternoon and I’ve already got over 1/2 of the back done.)

Ok, just so you know, the lighting in my kitchen is all wonky right now and the color is not nearly that orange. Seriously, that looks like a pumpkin and it’s definitely not that color. It’s much softer. It really is a pretty color, I swear.

I just wanted to show you guys my progress. I pretty much spent the majority of yesterday knitting this. It was a pretty decent weekend, to tell you the truth. And I had my first honest-to-goodness pregnancy craving yesterday. I needed Jo-Jo’s in a bad way. I don’t know if everyone calls them Jo-Jo’s or if that’s just a Gronewold thing, but either way they’re just seasoned potato wedges and when dipped in ranch dressing are really, really yummy. But back to knitting…

So, we’ll see if I keep on being obsessed with knitting this, if so it should be finished by sometime next week. (Juuuust kidding) My goal is just to have it done by the time the baby is born, and that gives me a bit more than 3 months to finish it. It’s going to be my ‘lounging around the house’ sweater. And it doesn’t even need to fit perfectly because there are no buttons, snaps or closures in the front, it’s just nice and loose, so I won’t be freaking out that it won’t fit immediately after giving birth.

So, um… ta-da? What do you think?

7 thoughts on “Butternut Squash Aidez

  1. I’m really excited you’re making this ali! I cant wait to see what it is going to look like completed! πŸ™‚

  2. Oh, for sure I’ve always called them jo-jos. Actually, the last time I bought some the sales clerk had no idea what I was asking for until I pointed at them. So maybe it’s just the Darms and Gronewolds?

    Love the sweater. A beautiful but chill around the house sweater is just what you need.

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