My Big Baby.

It’s my birthday today (the big 25!), and on the eve of my birthday I got a birthday present. I got to look at my cute little baby for an hour!

So that’s not my newest ultrasound picture, because I didn’t get around to scanning them quite yet because I’ve been busy packing for our trip to Tacoma! I am so excited because my baby brother is getting married on Saturday and then the weekend afterward Paul’s friend Eric is getting married in Portland, so we are just making a week of it and heading out of town. I am so excited to be getting out of Moscow for a bit! And I haven’t seen my friends in what feels like ages (It’s really only been about 3 months, but it feels like forever, plus I’ve pretty much doubled in size since then!)

Speaking of doubling in size… apparently my baby is huge. He is measuring 2 weeks above his gestational age. The ultrasound tech told me that babies his age are typically around the 13-14 ounce mark, where mine was measuring nearly a pound and a half! She said if he keeps growing at this rate we might end up with a 12-13 pounder. Eek. Although, I have heard of that happening to several people and by the time 40 weeks rolls around they are average 7-8 pound babies, so I am trying not to freak out about having a giant baby! (But Paul’s mom has mentioned a few times that Tongs apparently just have big babies…) But also in good news, he’s perfectly healthy and it took a long time to get a good picture of him because he was super active! The tech said she hasn’t ever seen a baby quite as active as Togglebuttons, at least not this early in the pregnancy. He was dancing and squirming around in there so much that it was making me laugh, which in turn made him dance around all the more!

Well, we are off, so blogging might be a bit light around here for the next week as we will be enjoying some vacation time (and Paul will be done with school for the summer, and I’ll get my husband back!) I’m so excited! (but not super excited to spend 6 hours in a car… I’m thinking there will be a lot of bathroom breaks!) I’ll try to come back and post some pictures of the lovely wedding later this week. Have a great weekend!


3 thoughts on “My Big Baby.

  1. Uh-oh. Togglebutton’s grandpa Dave held the record for the hospital’s biggest baby back in the day.
    No one likes to reveal weight, so I’ll let him tell ya if you need to know.
    But anyway, I’m sure Toggle’ will slide out easy and you’ll let out a little “oomph” and it’ll all be done… no matter how big he gets. I hope so!

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