Retro Ripples

I finished another project today. A ripple blanket in fun, retro colors.

Ok, that was just a little teaser for you… the whole thing makes me a bit dizzy, so I thought I would just show you a bit of it. Are you ready?

Hmm, looking at it now it looks like the top right grew a little faster than the rest of it, but pretend you don’t see it, ok?

Mmm, how I love the soothing crocheting motion of making the ripples.

It’s quite big, for a ripple blanket. Bigger than the rest I’ve made, at least.

And I am so glad that it’s finished. It’s been taking up the corner of my couch for way too long.


6 thoughts on “Retro Ripples

  1. I feel like such an awesome person for getting this pattern to you! I wish I could do ripples. It would be fun to make a pillow or something to go in Ezra’s rocking chair to match his blankie, but I am not at all in the interest of learning to crochet just for one pillow. Is this one for anyone? Or just your house?

  2. It’s beautiful! Great job! I also love doing ripple afghans for the relaxing feeling that you get from the repetition. I keep projects like that to do when I really don’t feel like thinking about a lot of steps and special stitches, but my fingers demand that I be working on something!

  3. I have an afghan made by my grandmother in the early 1970’s that uses all the same colors except for the orange. Appropriately it’s all granny squares, but the colors are spot-on the same. You did a great job, and maybe someday your granddaughter will be using that afghan on HER bed!

  4. Yay! Now I’m an official knitty button subscriber! I love it. Ali, you are the knitting master. This blanket is beautiful.. and mesmerizing.

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