In Which I Score a Great Deal on Craigslist

You know, Craigslist is an amazing thing, although sometimes it can let you down and when it does, it usually lets you down hard. But this is not one of those stories. Since I live in a pretty tiny town and good deals only come around so often I’ve been searching Craigslist for the last two months or so for the baby necessities that I really didn’t want to buy new, mostly because we’re poor, and secondly because the baby really isn’t going to care if he/she is looking fashionable in his brand-new designer crib. Anyhow, last night I saw a few great items at great prices and called on them to see if they were still available. And (surprise!) they were! Over the past few months I’ve called at least a dozen people asking if their product was still available, only to have my hopes dashed because it had already been sold. So I set up my times, made sure to have cash on hand in case I did, in fact, want to buy their supposedly ‘brand new carseat’ or the ‘fantastic shape, no stains! stroller’ and it turns out I wanted them both. So I got both. I got both for a combined price of $50. And they’re cute!

This carseat is pristine. The stickers aren’t rubbed off, there is not a crumb nor stain to be found, all of the parts are there, and while it may look a little boy-ish, if it’s a girl we’ll just throw a pink blanket over here and call it good, right?

The stroller is in great condition, too, just a few crumbs in the folds of the fabric, but nothing big. I am just so excited to have started to collect baby stuff, even though I know it’s kind of early, but deals like this, you just gotta jump on ’em!

I know I promised you guys a maternity picture, but you’re just going to have to wait for a couple more days. Sorry dudes. Tonight it was just not happening. After working all day, then running around town to pick up the stroller and carseat (at different ends of town, naturally) I got home and started feeling really crummy. After 1/4 a sandwich, a Phenergen (for nausea) , two Tylenol (for the splitting headache) and then a Zofran (because the Phenergen didn’t quite cut it, don’t worry, I talked to the on-call OB nurse and she said it was fine to take them both) I was just too tired and grossed out to do much of anything, so I took a bath and ate an entire bag of popcorn by myself. So there.

And that’s all I’ve got for you today, people. No craftiness or knitting to show (although I am working on a rather fun little present for one of my favorite babies first birthday present, but since her momma might see I can’t post pictures until after the birthday next weekend!) but hopefully one of these days I’ll get back to posting craft related stuff…


11 thoughts on “In Which I Score a Great Deal on Craigslist

  1. sorry you’re feeling gross!
    Great job on finding your baby needs for cheap! I love that carseat! Let me know if there’s anything specific you need help finding. . .I may have some stuff you could use. πŸ™‚

  2. Does that stroller hold your carseat? If not, that may be something to think about getting….

  3. Mary, it doesn’t hold my carseat, but that’s not a huge selling point to me as I want to try to babywearing the majority of the time anyhow and a stroller wasn’t on my “must have” list.

  4. You might still want to look out for a stroller that can carry the carseat. Specifically when your babe falls asleep in the car and you are going to the store, you DONT want to pull the snuggled sleepy head to put them in the sling. From a babywearing Mama, it’s a nice thing to have for those times.

  5. I’ll keep my eyes open, but the only ones I’ve seen of those (including on Craigslist) were majorly spendy! And I am so cheap πŸ™‚

  6. This important information is about buying or being given used car seats. It’s well worth watching. Happy pregnancy and thanks for the fun blog posts!

  7. Unfortunately you won’t be able to use that stroller for about 6 months because they can’t sit and need the support of a carseat. Baby wearing is great and I loved it however, think about hauling baby, your purse and a diaper bag around. It gets to be a bit much sometimes. You can pick up a universal stroller that accommodates most any carseat. They are well worth the investment and you can sell it later. Maybe you can add it to your baby shower wish list….I think they start at $40. or you do have Paul to help haul around stuff πŸ™‚

  8. I’ve talked to 3 different moms and they all told me it would be ok to use right away since it fully reclines and the baby can lay on its back. Is that not true? I don’t know a whole lot about babies, so I could be totally off on this one!

  9. I never tried the reclining. It probably works then. It sucks waking them up though and transferring from carseat to stroller, waking them up to get all the straps buckled back in the carseat. Or from carseat to the strap on carrier thing…. Like I said, the grocery stores with carts, it doesn’t matter but if you go a lot of places that dont, it may be something to think about. It just made my life a lot easier once I got mine.

  10. Ali, you know the rules: If grandpa is in a 40′ vicinity he gets to carry the baby. You don’t need no stinking stroller! Oh wait, he/she can’t watch Treasure of the Sierra Madre until they’re 6…. Anyway, grandpa gets the kid whenever he wants. Thats the very best child rearing advice I can give you. That and move back to our side of the mountains. We miss you guys, see ya in a couple of weeks!

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