Chocolate Pudding

Last night (around 10:30 pm, of course, because I always want something right before I should be getting ready for bed) I had the biggest craving for some chocolate pudding. I dug around in the cabinets and found some way in the back and whipped that stuff right up. And it was so delicious.

Mmm… notice the steam still coming off the top there? Oh man. There’s something great about eating something so nice and warm right before you go to bed. Although I think eating sugary things right before bed is giving me some seriously strange dreams! Another weird craving I’ve been having is for popcorn, and I didn’t even LIKE popcorn before I was pregnant! I suppose it’s better than pickles and ice cream, but strange none-the-less!


3 thoughts on “Chocolate Pudding

  1. I am not a popcorn fan either, but once when I was pregnant with Bella I craved popcorn and asparagus. Not necessarily together in the same bite, but I was coaching at a track meet and as soon as I got home I had to make myself some popcorn and asparagus. But that’s as weird as it ever got.

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