14 1/2 Weeks, and my Baby is bigger than a flip phone!

So, this has been a nice week as far as pregnancy related stuff goes. I feel like I am getting some energy back, but it’s kind of hard to tell when I get so tired from work. When I get home my feet are really swollen and puffy, and if I put them up for a while after work it hurts to walk on them for the next 3-4 hours. I’m super excited about being 9 months pregnant in August. Oh boy, that is going to be fun-ville.

For your benefit I changed the picture to black and white, because the baby has done a number on my skin. It’s like college all over again. I wish I had the skin I had in highschool, so perfect and clear. Sigh… my hormones just went crazy 4 years later than everyone else’s, I guess. And I’ve already got bags under my eyes? Yeesh.

But aside from all of the complaining, my morning sickness has abated a LOT. It’s been so nice to enjoy my evenings again! I haven’t had any really awful episodes since about 13 weeks, so that’s been a huge blessing. Also, I finally (somewhat accidentally) told my manager at work, so it’s kind of nice now that they know, so if I am moving at a slightly slower pace than normal, that’s the reason why, not because I’m just a lazy bum. All in all, though, still feeling pretty good! Looking forward to the next 5 1/2 months!


5 thoughts on “14 1/2 Weeks, and my Baby is bigger than a flip phone!

  1. I think you look great! But I can relate – with Hazel especially – my skin was horrible.

    Maybe that means it’s a girl!

  2. Ali! you look adorable!

    I was gonna say the same thing as Liz….they say with girls your skin tends to break out more. With me, my skin totally CLEARED up when I was pregnant and I had a boy….now that my hormones are back to before…I’m getting the monthly cycle of zits again…grr!

  3. You look fabulous. And I share the skin woes…I also get worse acne, eczema and other weird things when pregnant and/or nursing. Joy. I wish I could make everyone around me see in black & white all the time.

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