Various Projects and The Snow Won’t Stop

Sorry it’s been quiet here. I’ve been working a lot, and that leaves less time for crafting, which leaves less time for actual blogging about the things that I craft. I got kind of used to being able to have a lot of free time, but I suppose now with the baby on the way I can get used to not having a lot ofΒ  free time. Anyway, I’m working on a few custom projects for people, and they’re all pretty fun.

A simple brown sweater for a cute little Floridian girl.

A Lemon Curd Slouch for a cute Floridian momma,

And another Lemon Curd Slouch hat in teal for custom birthday gift for someone (Sorry, Erika, not your birthday gift)

In other news… it keeps on snowing. It flurried off and on throughout the day, but never really amounted to anything, but it is still slightly discouraging to see it snow in March.

Also, my belly is getting really big. I’m officially too big to button my jeans, although with the Bellabands I am able to still wear them and still be pretty comfortable. No one at work knows I am pregnant, so it’s kind of hilarious to watch them glance at my belly, but nobody ever asks, although it has got to be pretty obvious by now because I’ve talked about it with several friends who have come into the store and we’ve chatted about it pretty openly. I’m not really against anyone at work knowing, I just haven’t gotten around to telling them yet. I suppose it can’t be ignored much longer, though!

Happy Monday, I am off to figure out something to make for dinner. (I am hoping now that I am officially in my 2nd trimester my cooking skills will reappear? Who knows)

One thought on “Various Projects and The Snow Won’t Stop

  1. That’s okay, I am not sure I can pull off a slouch…I don’t have big enough hair, AND I have a pin head.
    Thanks for posting, it’s fun to see what you’re doing. Sorry I didn’t call the other day, maybe I will right now….

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