The Ultrasound

The baby was jumping around like crazy during the ultrasound, waving its little t-rex arms all over the place and bouncing up and down. It was hilarious. I’m not going to lie, I was really, REALLY nervous about this ultrasound. I kept having this awful feeling that something was wrong, but hearing the perfect heartbeat (162 beats per minute!) It took a while for the baby to calm down enough to get a clear picture, but it was good to know that the baby was an active little guy/girl!

And I am so excited to announce that they moved my due date up a week! Hooray! I am now due on Sept 4th, instead of the 11th. Which means that I am like this close to the end of my first trimester! (One week to go until 2nd trimester! woo hoo!)

Ok! So now I need your help. We are in need of a good in-utero name for the baby. I don’t want to keep calling it just “The Baby”, so I am soliciting your awesome in-utero names for our baby! (We’re keeping the real name a secret until the baby is born, but we’ll probably tell you if we find out if it’s a boy or a girl) So, leave a comment if you can think of any great names. πŸ™‚


12 thoughts on “The Ultrasound

  1. This will sound crazy, but the whole time I was pregnant with my beautiful daughter (who is now a newlywed) we referred to her as “Spud.” You know, a pretty good start but not yet a Tater! ROFL!

  2. When Ezra was petting your ultrasound picture he called it Bubble. Look up favorite TV or movie names that you would never name any of your kids. That’s actually where we got Chuck (Pushing Daisies) and it worked for either a boy or girl.
    I also like the idea of calling your Baby Ting Tong. For lots of reasons, the way it sounds is cute AND ting is glitter (the glitter in your eye?!) and just reminds me of small little things. And if you end of having a BIG baby you can change it later to King Tong. Haha. Okay…I’ll stop.

  3. aw, congrats! So glad everything looks good. With Jeremiah, I was a nervous wreck the day of the first ultrasound – I didn’t sleep the night before and was super edgy. We love them so much even before we see them! And, this is a really great first ultrasound picture – I’ve never really seen a baby this small look so human!

  4. Alicia, I was SO surprised to see it look so much like a fully formed miniature human! I guess I am glad I waited a few weeks longer to get my ultrasound! (And then found out I was more than a week farther along than I thought!)

  5. Congrats! How about “k2tog”. It takes 2 together and God is knitting that little miracle together for you.

  6. Congrats on the babe! I’m pregnant too, and we could hardly catch the baby’s heartbeat last checkup for it kicking around so much! πŸ™‚ We called our first baby peanut until she was born. This little one doesn’t really have a “name”.

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