Ok. So it’s been lovely here so far this month. I mean, yesterday I didn’t even wear a coat. It’s been clear skies, beautiful sunsets, warm temperatures, well, warm for Moscow in the wintertime. And then there is this morning…

BAM! More snow, this picture taken right outside my door not five minutes ago. Also, I woke up with a bloody nose. Gross.

Me and several friends just had a conversation on Sunday that went something like this:
“I think it might actually just be almost spring”
“Yeah, I don’t think it’s going to snow again this winter”
“I’ve never seen a February this nice”

Etc, etc, you get the picture. Sheesh. And the bad thing is, I actually have things I need to get done today, places to go, people to see… I am hoping that my car will be ok, but since the majority of the roads have already been driven on I should probably be fine. But STILL. Ew. I am ready for spring. But today will be good. I’ve got these:

And cute Primroses from my husband that are making my house look very cheery. And I get a haircut today! Hooray for that. I’ve been wearing it in a ponytail everyday because it has started to get mullet-y. Uh, no thank you. I swear the back of my hair grows faster than the front, and when your hair is down past your waist it doesn’t really matter, but when it’s short, well, then it matters greatly. Yes sir.

Ok. Well, I should go get going about my day. Need to make some sort of dessert for dinner with some great friends. (I loooove making dessert) and head down to the post office to mail a little something-something to my newlywed bestie. And finish working on some projects that need to be completed before babies arrive (as in, soon). Have a great snow day, Moscowvites, and have a great whatever-other-kind-of-weather-you-have day, everyone else!


3 thoughts on “Uh….what?

  1. uh…what?

    package for newlywed bestie?? that’s me!! fun!

    Love to you from the rainy Couv! Enjoy your snow for me–I haven’t seen any since Christmas!

  2. this will probably be the only time I can say that I’d share our beautiful sunny fargo day with you if I could! I better not say what I think about whether or not we’ll have snow again before summer.

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