The Christmas Dump and all that.

We got home today. It’s always kind of a bummer, you know, the week between Christmas and New Years… everything gets so hyped up and everyone is running here and there, and then there is Christmas! And Christmas is amazing! But it has to end, and then there is the quiet week in-between. Anyhow, we’re home, had an uneventful roadtrip (which is really the best kind of roadtrip, you know?) Apparently as soon as we got to Tacoma all of the in-between roads (including big snowy mountain passes) got extremely bad, so we made it just in time, and then today was the first day they were clear, so our timing was perfect. So without further ado, the Christmas Photo Dump, with some  dialogue:

My baby brother is engaged!

My youngest brother Aaron and Cynthia got engaged on Christmas Eve. So adorable! And here they are opening presents.

And Ezra got a horse from his grandpa. He didn’t quite know what to do with it, but he sure had a fun time trying.

Also, he got a sword, which he used to try to impale people.

Joel, his girlfriend Krysta and Erika, opening presents on Christmas Eve

I guess I forgot to get pictures of everyone else that was there. I was too distracted by this:

Ha! My dad got me a lava lamp! It’s sooo awesome. Well, I haven’t heated it up all the way yet, it’s set up in my kitchen so I can look at it all the time. Also we got a hat rack for our living room! (I am hoping that this means the coats won’t end up on the couch all the time? A girl can hope, right?) and I got a darling hat from my sister that will get it’s own post sometime soon, an owl door stop, headbands, loads of earrings, a crock pot, some books, and I know there is more, I just can’t even think of everything at the moment… let’s just say I was spoiled rotten. And staying with my sister and not having to cook dinner every night (thanks, Mom!) or do any house cleaning, we got to stay up late and watch movies, chat, and color (You know, on one of those posters you get in the big red tubes?) We love those in our family, although drawing with Erika and Paul I pretty much just get put to shame.

So my break from knitting didn’t really end up being a break from knitting. I made a few projects and even had to go to JoAnn’s on an emergency run because I needed something to do with my hands, so I picked up some more yarn. I know, I am terrible. I just can’t take a break, even when I try. I think it’s an addiction, folks. Although, I think this was the first Christmas in many years that I haven’t gotten ANY knitting related things! Anyhow, I’ll update more later this week on the projects that I finished.

And don’t forget to check back on January 1st for my 3rd Blogiversary. There’s going to be a great giveaway!


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