Double Pom-pom Baby Hat

The second of 3 hats requested. I had a tiny thumbnail of a picture of something she liked, so I wrote up  a little pattern for this hat.

It’s kind of a funny little hat. Again, I don’t have a baby head to model this on, so our coffee canister will have to do…again.

I’ll post the pattern below.

Double Pom-pom Baby hat (Unless you guys can come up with a better name for it!)

Size  4 DPN’s
3 colors of your choice (I used all Vanna’s Choice Yarn)
Pom-Pom maker

Cast on 72 stitches in Purple, join in the round
Rows 1- 8: *Knit 2, Purl 2* Rep to end
(Switch to white)
Row 9-11: Knit to end
Rows 12-14: Purl to end
(Switch to pink)
Rows 15-17: Knit to end
Rows 18-20: Purl to end
(Switch to purple)
Rows 21-23: Knit to end
Rows 24-26: Purl to end
Switch colors every six rows, repeat rows 9-26 two more times (For a total of 9 horizontal ribs)

Bind off all stitches, lay flat and whip stitch closed. Using a pom-pom maker make two pompoms out of the pink and attach to top corners and voila! Enjoy your baby hat.


13 thoughts on “Double Pom-pom Baby Hat

  1. You can sell anything you make, but it is good manners to give the web site and name the creator of your pattern. No selling or giving away the pattern!!! That is copyright infraction. But you can sell any item made from the patterns, or give it away.

  2. Hi – I live in the UK – love the picture and I would like to make – what are DPN’s. Are these the knitting needles? would my nearest yarn be ‘double knitting’ in UK.

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