Week in review

Vacation blogging is never as fun for the readers, and for that I apologize. I’ve mostly just been lounging about my parents house, soaking in the wonder of unemployment. Crazy having all this free time. It’s kind of nice. And then on Tuesday we leave for Texas for Pablo’s sisters wedding and Thanksgiving. I’ve never been to Texas before, I’m kind of excited.

I’ve still been a little bit crafty, even though I’m not home. I did make a turtle, 3/4ths of a fish and a whole starfish. No pictures yet, since they still need faces, but I forgot to bring the black embroidery thread to finish them off, so pictures of those are forthcoming. However, I did make an apple galette again, although it looks like it’s been shot.

It was a little leaky, but I think it looks like blood. Kind of gross, yes. It still tasted good, so whatever.

Also, some obligatory pictures of my adorable nephew, with whom I’ve gotten to spend a lot of time with this week.

I love this picture, because I caught his tongue in action!

Also, I’ve been tossing around the idea of making these for my married friends for Christmas, pretty funny, no?

They’re called Smittens! I am not sure if anyone would actually think they are funny but me, but I still think they’re hilarious.

I’ll be back in Idaho tomorrow, so hopefully regular blogging will resume soon!


2 thoughts on “Week in review

  1. That is too funny! Chris and I were planning our day today and he asked if I wanted to go shopping for mittens (totally random…) and I said, how bout for some kittens…and then he said we should get some smittens. Except that just a few hours ago, we had no idea that there was actually a real thing called smittens, we were just being obnoxiously cute. πŸ™‚

    Anyway now I know where we can get some smittens!

    btw, cute nephew!

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