Felted booties and my half of the couch.

Someone requested a few pairs of felted slippers. I haven’t done a whole lot of felting, but I already had a pattern for a pair, so I thought I would give it a try. They look absolutely ridiculous, so I am curious to see how they will look after felting.

Also, I wanted to have a little confession, lest you think my house is always clean, and that I bake apple pie pops for dessert every night. This very evening we had Hamburger Helper for dinner. It was one of those days. Also, I am a messy knitter. This here, this is my half of our couch.

So, what you see here is a set of knitted mittens, two knitted hats, one secret Christmas present, 1 set of size 6 dpn’s, 1 set of size 8 dpn’s, 1 cable needle, 3 crochet hooks, 1 size 8 circular needle, green and brown skeins for knitted slippers, purple and black skeins for knitting slippers, yellow for knitting a scarf, orange and white skeins from the Candy Corns (I think?) miscellaneous buttons (for iPod cases), JoAnn’s bag with some feltable wool in it, cable needles, yarn scissors, a bag of chocolate chips, bobby pins, my camera USB cord and lotion. Oh, and two headbands.

Yeah. That’s how I roll. (Never know when you might need another cable needle!)


3 thoughts on “Felted booties and my half of the couch.

  1. This picture made me smile, Ali. That is exactly what my couch (and desk and kitchen table) looked like earlier this evening. Glad I’m not the only “messy” knitter.

  2. I would be a messy knitter if I could, but having a child who likes to taste everything (including my yarn ball last night while I was working on my sweater?!) makes me keep it in a bag or hidden or up high out of sight.

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