Sea Creatures.

Menagerie of sea creatures.

So I totally could have set them up all cute and actually made it look like I tried to take a good picture, but instead you get to see them lying on a dishtowel on my kitchen floor, because that room gets the best (only) light. No other rooms (sans bathroom) have overhead lighting (annoying) and so we only have a few lamps casting dim shadows around the other rooms, and since I get home after dark, ta-da. A crappy photo for your enjoyment!


In other news, I will definitely be taking requests for those Christmas presents you KNOW you want for your loved ones. I mean requests of a knit/crochet kind. If you’ve got a specific idea, email me, lemme know, we can work something out. (Regular sized animals/fish/sea creatures/lamb/elephant/turtle/whatevs! I am selling for $10, smaller ones for $7, plus $2 for shipping, if you’re out of the area, or you can just get them from me next time I am in town, if you are a Tacomaite)

Ok. Off to knit a whale.


4 thoughts on “Sea Creatures.

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  2. Bess, Bess, Bess. I know, but it’s a Christmas special. And I like to knit. I honestly didn’t think that many people would be interested, but HOLY COW, I think I am going to be a busy girl this Nov/Dec!

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