Hey my lovelies! I’ve got something good for you.

A GIVEAWAY! You can have your very own knit sweater. Well, your kid can, anyway.

Yep! It’s true! This could be yours! It’s a toddler size sweater, approximately 2T or 3T, I’m not super sure about the exact size. It’s purple and cream, it’s probably more of a girls sweater, however if you’re a big UW fan, it could go either way.

So you know the rules- you can enter by:
1. Leaving a comment
2. Putting a link to it on your blog
3. Putting a link onto your Facebook

So, you’ve got 3 chances to get entries into this Giveaway!

But remember, if you put it on your blog, please leave a second comment letting me know you’ve done so, so you can get your second entry. If you don’t leave a second comment you WON’T get your second entry, so make sure to do that!

Comments are going to be open until Tuesday night at 6:00pm. The winner will be randomly selected from the comments, so go comment away and put your entry in!




29 thoughts on “Giveaway!

  1. That is such a beautiful sweater! You got talent my girl…I feel guilty even entering since I have the monkey, which we love! However, for my daughter’s sake, here I am…entering… She would love it – she is so into clothes – I don’t know where she gets it (probably a combination of Mandy and Kristin!).

  2. oh man I wish I was a size 2T or 3T. No, but really, I do know a few little girls who could use a nice good sweater. Put me in.

  3. So this is my first time getting involved in your giveaway but this was too cute to just skim over! I may be able to use it some day 🙂

  4. This is really fun. I’ve also done some giveaways at my blog! If you happen to draw my name out of the hat, I guess you know to which darling baby this sweater will go!

    I’ll also post your giveaway on my FB page. I know a lot of grammas, so you will probably get some more traffic here!

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