Ok, so this might just be too ridiculous, but I really wanted to knit an Ewok. I just finished him tonight.

I am aware that this is weird. I got the inspiration because apparently over 200 people have found my blog by looking up “Ewok Boats” into a search engine. Weird, I know. So, since they are apparently getting to my blog by searching something about Ewoks, I might as well give them something Ewok related to look at. So, my very own knit Ewok. I was surprised that there weren’t any knit Ewok patterns out there, so I had to make it up pretty much make it up as I was going along, so that’s why it may or may not even look like an Ewok at all… I’ll take better pictures of it later, but I just finished it a few minutes ago and couldn’t wait to put it up on the blog!


14 thoughts on “Ewok

  1. Oh my dear sister. I think you’ve just entered a new level of nerdy. But that doesn’t matter, you obviously have a bunch of people that love that about you. Including us. Who else in the world would think to make an Ewok, particularly a knit one. No one.
    To finish this I can only say, WOW.

  2. Wow, thanks guys. I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t be able to tell that it was an Ewok, not just a bear with an orange cloth… haha. Glad you all like him! I am thinking about maybe doing a whole Star Wars knit deal… might be fun!

  3. Sorry Gabi, I’ve been meaning too… it’s just a really long and involved pattern that I keep forgetting to write up, mostly because it’s just going to be a really long pattern.

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