Facelift and Saturday Stuff

I gave the blog a little facelift! I was kind of bored of the really clean setup I had before. The only thing is that I can’t get rid of the huge fonted “KNITTYBUTTON” right at the top. It’s the only thing I don’t really like about this one, but otherwise I’m pretty fond of how it turned out. What do you think?

In other news:

(Farmers Market Peaches)

(Farmers Market Heirloom Tomatoes)

(Farmers Market Blueberries)

But my very, very favorite from today were these beauties!

(Crazy huge sunflowers)

(Shaggy sunflower in Kombucha bottle)

(Shaggy sunflower in milkglass vase)

(Sunflower trio)

I just can’t get enough of these sunflowers. I wish I had more of them to spread the joy around the house. Does anyone (Mom?) know what variety those are? I can’t ever remember seeing crazy ones like that before!


4 thoughts on “Facelift and Saturday Stuff

  1. I do love the facelift! But I’m with you: I don’t like the huge big font up top. Or the “Who is KnittyButton?” in the other corner.

    And yay for Teddy Bear Sunflowers! So pretty and cheerful.

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