Daisy Chain?

So now I’ve got a few of these flowery things… I don’t really know what to do with them. I was thinking about attaching them to a string and making a daisy chain or something to go around my craft station.

Do any of you crafty people have any great ideas? I know that you’ve all got great ideas…. so you should tell me.

Make a really big one and turn it into an afghan? Stick it on a bobby pin and wear it in my hair?

In other news,  I repotted my hens ‘n chicks and our Christmas cactus, and they are thriving in their roomier new homes.

(Hens n’ chicks, or Sempervivum tectorum)

(Christmas cactus or Hatiora gaertneri)


2 thoughts on “Daisy Chain?

  1. Well, I was thinking it might make a cute art piece, if you took some really cute matching floral material, and added some glitz/buttons or another color to the flowerets and frame it. with a little matting of course. Cute for a baby girls room, but not all of them in one frame unless it’s big…that would be too much. It would be like a 3D picture thing.
    a baby blanket might be cute too…but too ordinary.

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